What is Hungry Coin?

A smarter universal reward system based on Blockchain technology.

Hungry Coin enables Merchants to divert their marketing dollars into smarter reward points for their consumers. Our Tokens secure the transactions and make Universal reward points worthy again.

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Easy to use

Make Secure Transactions

Your HungryCoin tokens will allow for secure transactions at our merchant locations. Deep discounts, No useless points, Earn More Tokens.

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Earn Token Rewards

Our Blockchain technology dramaticly reduces the transaction costs for restaurant partners These savings are passed to token holders in the form of aggressive rewards.

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Traceable Token Rewards

Hungry Coins are traceable and can be traded between consumers just like real currency but without the risk. Merchants can issue or redeem tokens for real items and discounts, or accept tokens from new consumers.


Safe & Secure

Be confident in your account security and your funds safe.

Advisory Board

With over 50 years of combined experience in the tech space, restaurant and Cyrpto experts on our side, We can answer many of your questions. We have a Quora running to help the rest.

Cold Storage

Cold Storage wallets allow consumers to keep their Hungry Coins on them and useable at all times.

Instant Settlement

Instant settlements allows you to send HungryCoin to any merchant and pay for your meals.

Stored Transactions

Completing transactions enables features to help improve your well being.

Digital Wallets

Our partners have several Mobile digital wallet apps to make it a real convenience to use anywhere, Click to download a free Coinbase wallet.


Hungry Coin

We Do Not Sell tokens to the public. Merchants Only services, please inquire about how to join our Merchant Network or Where Tokens can be Earned or Rewarded.


Hungry Coin

The Hungry Coin Utility Token is based on ERC20 protocol. The Token holds NO cash value and is used primarily as a Reward system or Loyalty program for consumers by participating Merchants. Merchants need to be approved by the Hungry Coin team prior to being authorized to reward tokens on the Hungry Bits Blockchain. No Cash Purchases allowed for these Tokens.